Rosin ester-China ester gum,gum base,pine oil,modified phenolic resin,tung oil,pine tar oil,gum rosin,terpineol,dipentene supplier.
China Manufacturer and exporter of gum rosin,terpineol,pine oil,Gum turpentine,activated carbon,carbon,forest flavour,fragrance,Terpineol acetate.
Glycerol ester of wood rosin, glyceryl abietate, or Ester gum supplier.
The German customers visit FOREVEREST on Terpene Polymer business on Oct 16, 2009
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The France customers visit FOREVEREST on Ester Gum and Rosin Ester business between Sept 19-23, 2009
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Foreverest Resources Development Co., Ltd.

 is the leading supplier of pine chemicals, such as gum rosin & derivative, gum turpentine & derivative product
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Rosin and derivatives
Turpentine and derivatives
Other Pine Chemical
Activated Carbon Series
Aroma Chemicals
Essential Oils Terpenes
Natual Essential Oils
Machinery & Raw Materials for Gum Series

Add: P.O. BOX 12157, NORTH HUBIN
PHONE: +86-592-509-2299
FAX: +86-592-515-1667
product knowledge: gum rosin, ester gum
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